Do Contractors Need a Website if They Have a Facebook Page?

websites for contractors and facebook page

I hear this question from contractors a lot. Facebook is a great platform and it’s so easy to set up, so do you REALLY need to invest in a website? The answer is YES!!! Here is why:

1. You have control

Facebook can change anything at any given time. I’m sure you’ve already experienced some changes! The algorithm can change and everyone that likes your page can stop seeing your posts. They have already changed it so that you have to pay to boost your posts if you want everyone to see them.

2. More Free Traffic

Every year you have less and less reach without paying on Facebook. While Facebook is still important, having a website is equally if not more important. When you build your website and get traffic on Google, you’ll be in front of people searching for you every single day. Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic. (Source:Hubspot). Those are customers you don’t want to miss out on!

3. Foundation of Sales Funnel

While Facebook plays a role in your marketing and sales, you need a website to be that foundation. You can link to pages for more information, have lead generation forms, instant quote widgets, click to call buttons… with placements that are created to send you leads. And you can track and measure it all! Giving you a powerful sales funnel that you OWN (not relying on a social media platform).

4. More Marketing Opportunities 

If you want to grow and scale your business beyond being a one-man-shop, you are going to want to consider advertising and other types of online marketing. Many of these things you can’t do without a website. You need a place to direct people and show your expertise and a website is where you can do that.

5. Most People Expect Businesses to Have a Website 

People expect businesses to have a website so it gives them more confidence that you are a legitimate business. It also gives you the chance to solidify your brand and show your expertise and knowledge to anyone researching you.

6. It Gives You the Chance to Build an Email list of customers- 

If Facebook takes control and you lose your followers then you still have your email list. Having an email list gives you the ability to send articles to your customers, ask them for reviews and referrals and even offer specials or sales.

So the answer is: Facebook alone isn’t enough. Your business needs a solid website. Home Pro Digital offers Website Floorplans which are the perfect solution for contractors looking to level up online! Contact us to schedule your FREE strategy session today.


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