Finding Work In Facebook Groups For Your Construction or Service Business

marketing hvac business on fb groups

Marketing your construction or home service company typically involves advertising, social media, blog posts, and more. Often an overlooked avenue is local Facebook community groups. There are so many different community groups you can get involved with that can benefit your company.

Every single day people ask for recommendations around home improvement and construction projects in Facebook groups. These are free leads that you could be responding to.

Facebook groups are a FREE way to promote your construction business to people looking for your services.

There are different types of Facebook groups and each group is focused around a central theme. The best for growing your construction business is going to local, geographic focused Facebook groups. There are typically buy/sell/trade groups, moms and dads groups, general community or neighborhood groups, and more. 

Step 1:  Find Active Facebook Groups

You can’t be everywhere! Research different groups in your community. A great thing to do is to start by searching for your city or neighborhood on Facebook and see what comes up. Look at how many members are in the group, how many posts have happened in the last 30 days. You want to find active groups to spend your time.

Step 2: Join Groups

We suggest starting with 3-5 groups so that you can actively participate. Don’t jump into the group and automatically start promoting your company non-stop. Most likely you will get yourself kicked out! Check the rules of the group and contribute. Introduce yourself and your company and let people know if they have any questions about your services you are more than happy to answer them. If people are asking for referrals for different businesses and you have a good one then offer it up. 

Step 3: Add Value & Be Active

The next thing you want to do is be valuable. You do not want to be another person just pushing your products or services.

If the group allows promotion anytime then strategically promote your business. You don’t want a promotional post to go up each day. People will get sick of seeing it and bypass it. If the group only allows promotional posts on a certain day of the week, make sure that you post on that day every week.

Be creative and helpful at the same time. If you have a blog on your website then share the posts to the group. Informational posts as a homeowner can be invaluable. If you share one each week then the people in the group start to remember your name and business. Then, when they get an HVAC need your name is top of mind. They will remember that you were providing value and go check out your Facebook page and website. 

From that point, if your Facebook page and website are professional and informative then you have a potential customer and future referrals!

If you are overwhelmed with all aspects of your social media then let the experts help you. We have 2 ways that we help construction companies:

  1. If you are looking to DIY your marketing, we offer ready-made social media posts and ads for home contractors. Check it out here: https://homeprovault.com/
  2. If you are looking for more support, schedule a free strategy call! We will ask questions to learn more about your unique business and market and put together a strategy that will help you grow your business. Contact us today.
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