5 Facebook Post Ideas for Septic Service Companies

Facebook is a great way to reach homeowners in your service market. With its unparalleled reach, excellent analytics, and targeting tools for customers, Facebook Pages are a must-have for any septic service business. You might not think a Facebook Page for your septic company could generate a following or be the type of material Facebook users could look forward to on their feed. You would be wrong. Responsible homeowners with a septic system are always interested in caring for their property, being proactive, educating themselves about their home systems, and saving money. There’s no reason why a septic system company can’t be engaging and interesting, and even entertaining, as they develop a loyal following on a social platform. Here are a few ideas on how to accomplish this:

Post Ideas on Facebook for Septic Service Companies:

  1. Sharing tips – Tips about their septic system and anything related to one on their property can be critical in establishing your company as the local expert of the industry. You want followers to come to your Facebook Page for the truth about their concerns or ways to save them money, time, and trouble. Some of your tips can come in the way of sharing stories of jobs you’ve done and how a problem they may also be facing was solved when you stepped in.
  2. Photos of your team/trucks – It’s always more appealing to ask for help from people you can relate to. Posting images of your team in the office, in the field, of your fleet, and even on the job will give them a sense you are a real and relatable septic service business. Some photos can be aimed at a professional appearance, while others should be more personal. How about articles that include photos of your employee celebrations or charity events? Allow your potential customers to see how you care and interact with their communities. Make sure your profile pic and cover photo for your Page is recognizable and relatable.
  3. Share reviews – Facebook has a review feature where followers who have worked with your company can post a rating and tell about their experience. Encourage your happy customers to write reviews. Since readers generally accept other users experiences as useful information, that can go a long way to establishing a credible reputation. Another way to present reviews can be testimonials of your customers. Many people will enjoy having an article written about themselves with a photo posted on your page. It also encourages more customer engagement, referrals, and future followers.
  4. Promotions – Your Facebook Page is a great place to post upcoming promotions for your septic service business; such as events, deals, or special offers related to regular maintenance or servicing of local home septic systems.
  5. Other relevant information for homeowners – There are countless other types of posts which can be shared with your followers on Facebook. Inspiring quotes are universal; yes even from a septic service company. Sharing a positive outlook is great for a business that solves stressful emergency problems for homeowners. Septic-related humor, viral videos, and trivia posts can help you connect with your followers on a regular basis.

There are many great ways to create, build, and engage a following for your septic service business on Facebook. Yes, it can be time-consuming and hard to keep track of. That’s why Home Pro Digital offers clients a great DIY Facebook package. We’ll send you posts to use on Facebook each month, plus you get a monthly marketing calendar to keep track of your Page posts. Learn more about our DIY Facebook package for Septic Service companies.

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