13 Types of Facebook Posts for Electricians

Facebook Posts for Electricians

Referrals and recommendations are a huge source of business for most electricians. What better place to increase your referral network and showcase your reviews, recommendations, ad expertise than on Facebook, where your target market is hanging out every day!

Growing your Electrical business Facebook page requires you to showcase your knowledge and referrals.

Facebook posts for electricians should strike a balance between education, humor, and promotion. You should also be consistent each week with your posts. Creating a plan of action can be time-consuming. If this is not an area you want to tackle then stop reading right now and check out the Home Pro Vault. You’ll find ready-to-go social media posts and ads specifically for electricians. No stressing and no time commitment. 

If this is an area that you want to tackle, read on! 

Here are 12 types of Facebook posts you can create for your electrical company:

  1. Homeowners Tips & Infographics – Offer homeowners tips and tips on saving energy. Giving your Facebook fans valuable tips shows that you have expertise in your field and begin to build their trust in you. When they need an electrician – who do you think will come to mind? Creating these tips into Infographics is a big plus too. People love quickly scanning the information they are looking for.
  2. DIY videos – Don’t be worried about losing business by showing potential customers how to repair a basic electrical problem. It establishes yourself as a knowledgeable electrician. Most people won’t want to do electrical fixes themselves and the ones that do would find a video elsewhere. This way you stay top of mind and when they come across a large electrical problem you will be the person who comes to mind.
  3. Promotional Posts and Sales – Promote your offers and services. Seeing a special running may be exactly what someone was waiting for to get a problem fixed. We don’t need to tell you how many times people wait until there’s an actual emergency to get their electrical problems fixed. Posting your promotions regularly helps more people see your promotional posts. You can also promote contests and customer testimonials. 
  4. Live video streaming – Along the same lines as posting helpful videos, how about creating a live event, something like an “Ask an Electrician” segment where followers can type in questions that you answer live on video? Followers love direct responses and you get another chance to show off your expertise. You can even use your phone to do it.
  5. Humor/Joke Posts & Memes – Including these types of posts “lightens” (see what we did there) the mood and keeps your audience engaged. There are LOTS of electrical memes online. The more your audience is engaged the more the Facebook algorithm works in your favor. 
  6. On the Job Photos – Show photos of your jobs. Before & after photos are always a big hit, even with electrical work. Electrical work can be complicated and it makes followers appreciate the work you are doing. 
  7. Personal Posts – Think about the companies or influencers you follow, most of the time you know some information about their personal life. It’s what draws you to them and keeps you going back for more. Post some personal things. It doesn’t have to give a lot of information but it could be you in the office or celebrating a holiday with staff, fixing electrical work in your own house, or even posting a picture of you eating your favorite food from a local restaurant. 
  8. Quotes – People love quotes. Funny quotes, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes. Quote posts help interaction on your page.
  9. Electrical Facts – Posting electrical facts on your Facebook page has a few benefits. First, it educates your audience, second, it shows your expertise while you are educating. Win-Win!
  10. Blogs/Resource Articles – Sharing your blog posts on Facebook increases the number of people that will see and read it. Blog posts can be used as a marketing tool. Blog posts can really show someone your skills and knowledge. The more they explore your site, the more confident they become in your skills and begin to trust you as an electrician.
  11. Introduce Your Staff – Introduce your staff one at a time. Knowing who your potential client will be working with gives them a sense of calm. You are giving your potential clients an inside look into your electrical company and beginning to build trust with them. If you are the only one on your staff then have someone do a fun Q&A with you online.
  12. Ask questions/fill in the blank posts – Asking questions or having your audience fill in the blank gives you engagement on your page. The more engaged your audience the more people will see our posts. This also helps you with the Facebook Algorithm. When people are engaged it keeps Facebook happy.
  13. Local News Updates on Electrical Safety – most people don’t keep up with updates on electrical safety. Make your Facebook page a one-stop-shop to know everything relevant for a homeowner.

There are so many more types of posts that you can create but those are 13 we suggest starting with. If after reading this you realize that social media posting is a lot more time consuming than you thought then you should check out the Home Pro Vault.

The Home Pro Vault gives you copy and paste captions along with the social media images and ads. They are proven posts that we have tested. Having access to the vault gives you quick and easy posts that you can customize to use on your page. No need to waste time or energy to stay consistent and engage your audience. For more information visit us: https://homeprovault.com/electrician/

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