6 Reasons On Why You Should Join Your Local Associations

reasons to join your local associations

There are so many reasons to join your local associations. For years it’s been the place for people in the home building business to network, find out about events in the industry, find advertising and promotional opportunities, educational resources and so much more. Your local associations are also a resource for regulatory information for all of its members. Investing in your local associations has many benefits and here are 6 of them.


  1. Advocacy – Being involved in your local association can give members insight into government issues they may run into now and in the future. The members of the committee stay up to date on issues and events that impact the industry and pass the information along to the rest of the members.

  2. Networking – Your local associations offer a wide range of events for networking. It allows industry-related companies to come together and get to know each other. It allows you to build relationships and partners while also learning from your peers. 

  3. Advertising – Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available to members at various events and publications. These events create awareness for the new home industry.

  4. Educational Resources – Local associations offer professional designation and continuing education programs. Educational seminars and panel discussions are available at all kinds of business associations. The educational programs cover all aspects of your business from sales to job site safety practices. 

  5. Get recognized by Peers– Associations may have awards programs that honor peers and their accomplishments. These are handy to distinguish yourself from your competitors during advertising. 

  6. Give Back  – most local chapters are involved in their local communities. They can help with anything from helping homes become handicap accessible to helping the homeless.


Some local associations to look into: HBA, NARI, ABC, NKBA. These are all great organizations that can be useful to your business. 


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