Why Facebook is One of the Best Tools for Contractors to Have in Their Digital Toolbox

Facebook as an effective tool for contractors

Of all social media platforms, Facebook has proven to be one of the farthest-reaching, and most effective ways to reach out to new and existing customers. Since 79% of all global online adults and 68% of literally all Americans have an active Facebook account, finding ways to use it effectively can be an affordable and effective tool for contractors to promote their businesses.

Gives You the Ability to Reach New Customers

Facebook is a very effective tools in which a small business owner can reach and engage new customers from their service area. Use links to your existing website to share blogs and industry content posts, or share DIY advice for easy home plumbing repairs. Present your business as the local trusted expert by posting links for your videos and tips from your company website. Because of the potential for well-written, purposely-placed content to be shared among existing followers to their friends and family, your followers can do a lot of your marketing work for you. Using the Facebook Ad feature can also extend your reach to potential new customers for a small fee.

Engage With Existing Customers

Facebook is a great way for contractors to develop a loyal following. Make sure your articles and posts on your Facebook page are engaging and interesting. Include lots of photos and useful industry facts, trends and other diverse posts. Give practical tips and tricks that create trust. Have your current customers share testimonials and reviews regarding the excellent service they’ve received.

Advertise to a Very Targeted Customer

Even with a relatively small budget, Facebook has the ability to create ads and boost content to specifically targeted customers. They use data to identify certain profiles of the typical age range and profile for homeowners in your service area, so you don’t waste time and money spreading too wide an advertising net. They also gauge the best times of season, days of the month and week, as well and times of day to capitalize on.

Show Off More than just the Contractor Side of Your Business

Some of the best marketing campaigns utilize tools to share information which highlights little or nothing to do with their given industry. While your business is sharing great DIY project info or fact-filled home information, you can also include fun facts about daily living. How about promoting a cause or special charity that your business supports in your community? Believe it or not, your customers appreciate profiles and photos of your staff doing things outside of business. Show your employees at play or engaging in a community  event. Part of developing trust and following is showing the relationship you have to your community.

Home Pro Digital can help your contracting business make the most of your company Facebook page. We can help with setting up your page and posting schedule, or perhaps create your Facebook marketing plan. We can do as little or as much as you need. Drop us a note and schedule a free strategy session.

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