5 Things Most Contractors are Doing Wrong on Social Media


Using social media isn’t just a good idea for home contracting businesses; it’s become a critical part of any good marketing plan. There are several social media platforms you can use, and the key is to avoid making some common mistakes with whatever platform you choose. Here are 5 things most contracting businesses do wrong on social media:

  1. Trying to sell – Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, understand that social media users don’t want to read or watch ads or commercials that simply sell your service. They would be more interested in practical homeowner information, including DIY tutorials and tips. You can become the go-to expert in your community by sharing your expertise and interesting industry content on your page and/or linked from your website. Encourage engagement by asking for testimonials they can post on your page, or by taking polls, or asking trivia questions. Posting diverse content is key!

  2. Missing information – Don’t leave spaces on your social media profile blank. Missing info makes your company look uncaring, negligent, unprofessional, and inactive. You want to create buzz, and even the best articles and photos won’t help your business inquiries if your contact or business info is missing.

  3. Not responding to messages – Messaging done right can be a blessing but messaging that goes without being responded to can be a curse. If a follower or reader takes the time to send your page a message, they deserve your response. At the very least, set an automatic response that directs them to a customer service email or phone number. A personal response is best. If you don’t have time or manpower to respond, then don’t allow messages to be left in the first place. Unanswered messages will make your plumbing business look like it doesn’t care about customers or that it’s inactive.

  4. Not posting frequently – It’s important to hold the attention of your followers. There are many other pages and lots of other content competing for your customer’s attention, and your company is only as relevant as its latest post. It’s important to stay on your customers’ minds by posting something regularly – at least three times per week. Not posting often also makes you look inattentive and inactive, neither of which promote your business well.

  5. Not diversifying posts –  Sometimes the most memorable posts your home contracting company can make might not deal with your instructional or industry material at all. It’s fine to let them know about your projects or about DIY they can do at home but mix it up a bit with photos and profiles of your community service events or interesting profiles of staff. Perhaps add a few daily affirmation quotes or funny videos related to your plumbing industry. Don’t get in a rut posting the same type of promotional information for your business. Remember social media users are often looking to be entertained and generally informed about their world, not just your business. Diversifying your content can help ensure you catch customers attention sooner or later, and more frequently.

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