5 Simple Ways for a Construction Company to Get New Facebook Likes – Fast!

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Starting or growing your Facebook page can seem daunting when you aren’t sure what steps you should take. Building your presence and brand happens when you have people who like your Facebook page. You can create and publish posts, but if you don’t have the people to see your content it’s pretty useless.

Below are 5 simple ways for a construction company to get new Facebook Likes.

  1. Invite Your Facebook Friends – You may think that inviting your friends is bothering them, but it’s not. Your friends want to support your business. If they don’t then they won’t click the “Like” button once you invite them. Once your friends like your page you can put a post up asking them to invite people they know that would be interested in your construction company. If you invited 10 people and each one invited 5 then you are up to 50 people liking your page already.
  2. Ask everyone who works for you to invite their friends and family – Your staff is your best bet for referrals! If you want to grow your Facebook page ask everyone who works for you to help you by inviting their friends and family. After all, at some point, everyone is going to need help from a construction company!
  3. Hold a contest – Contests gain a lot of traction. Find a prize that will excite people. The prize can be free services, a gift card (to pretty much anywhere!), electronics, dinner, a show…anything that would appeal to your audience. There’s a lot of ways to hold contests but the most popular is one where you ask the audience to like your page and invite others to like your page as well. You can also give them entries for each additional item they do like post on Instagram and Facebook, join your email list, visit your website, and more. An easy way to hold a contest is to use an app that does all the work for you. You can take a look at Rafflecopter, Heyo, or Wishpond. Make sure that when you run a contest you check the rules in your state – a sweepstake is different from a giveaway which is different from a contest.
  4. Promote your page yourself! There are so many places that you can promote your business page for free. Post it on your personal Facebook page, share it on other social media channels (Linked In, Instagram, Twitter), and make sure you have it very visible on your website. You should also include it in your email signature – on both your business and personal email, on your estimates and invoices, and even “Thank You’s” that you send out. Any place that you can include a link to your page you should.
  5. Advertise on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook can bring your construction company in front of an entirely new audience. Not only can you reach a new audience but you can reach the exact audience that would purchase from you. Facebook advertising can do wonders for your business if you do it correctly. There’s a number of different types of campaigns you can run depending on your goals.

Growing your Facebook likes can be simple when you know which direction to go. If advertising on Facebook overwhelms you then contact us to chat about our marketing services. We would love to help your company grow using Facebook! 

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