3 Contest Ideas for Contractors on Facebook

One of the biggest challenges for marketing on social media is how to keep your followers engaged. This is important because Facebook readers have a lot of content that pulls at their attention. Your contractor company is only one of many types of business, entertainment, news, or personal connections for followers to interact with. Staying on the top of their mind helps the chances of them calling your service when they are ready to do some work on their home. One of the best ways to keep your name handy is to engage them with your Facebook page. Engagement specifically refers to calling them to an action that allows or encourages them to do something to reach out to you. Here are three fun suggestions on how to do that:

1. Product Contest – There are many types of contests a company can post to their followers on their Facebook page. They can be very simple, more specific to your industry, or extremely specific to your business. All of them can be effective in creating participation. Rotate the different approaches to keep it fresh. Come up with a great prize for each, like a local spa gift card or something specific to your services. Here are some examples of easy contests your contracting business could hold on Facebook:

Like &/or Comment to Win – Sounds super simple because it is. When you allow followers to simply “Like” the contest post or to “comment” on it to enter to win a prize, it could generate a lot of engagement.

Caption Contest – Post a great homeowner-related funny image and ask for comment submissions to caption the cartoon or photo.

Share Oldest Water Heater (or other appliance) Contest – One of the best ways to reach out to followers while also creating customer loyalty and building your relationship with them is by asking them to submit their own humorous or interesting content on your page. Holding a photo contest of the oldest water heater or other appliance is not only fun but it connects your business with people who need your services. The content they post also creates more name recognition for your brand in the local community.

2. Submit a Story – People enjoy real stories they can relate to, especially funny ones. They also love to personally connect with companies online and to be viewed or acknowledged by other readers. They get a taste of all of that when you invite them to share their own humorous homeowner related stories. There’s no need for a prize, because being allowed to have their story posted is the prize itself. If they can include photos, so much the better.

Strangest Thing Your Child has Put Down the Toilet – Here’s one story idea you could “float.” This may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie. Folks will be amused at how many animals and other things make it into the toilet. See how well it goes, then come up with some of your own ideas on other types of stories you could ask for.

3. Community Driven Contest – While your Facebook page is establishing your company as the go-to home contracting experts of your community, why not also do something good? What charity or community issue does your business have passion for? Is there a local family tragedy or organization that could use your help? 

Local Food Drive – Most followers will get behind helping out the less fortunate in your town. One example is to hold a food drive for the homeless or for needy families. Your company getting involved shows you have a heart for your community. Post a contest related to it for a prize or special recognition. Challenge local clubs, churches, schools, or other organizations. Have your plumbing company collect the donations at your business or at designated locations. Have a ceremony to commemorate it, posting photos of the winners and the food drive collected bounty on your page.

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  1. I am so glad I found your article. I need help figuring out where I went wrong. I offered any contractor or handyman who would come in and visit my store or put a like on any post I made a free gallon of white trim paint. ZERO did it in my community. I even boosted the Facebook post.

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