Home Show Giveaways
Do you want to stand out from the other booths at your next home show? Giveaways have the ability to both draw in the crowd as well as leave a lasting impression on the visitors to your table. We picked out our favorite promotional items that will help you stay on your client’s mind, long after the home show has ended.

Mini Hot/Cold Pack

Every household needs a hot/cold pack in case of injury or seasonal aches and pains. The mini hot/cold pack is the ideal giveaway at your home show. They are easy to store and double as a cold compress or heat therapy, depending on the specific need.

Bic Magnetic Grocery List Notepad

This functional magnetic manager notepad will look great in any kitchen. The homeowner will receive 50 grocery list notepad sheets, separated by store and product type. Other options include plain or to-do list style notepads, so you have the option of mixing it up if you want to give your customers a choice.

Flower Pot Set with Chive Seeds

If you want a giveaway that will appeal to the majority of homeowners, you may want to opt for this flower pot set that comes with chive seeds.

Custom Eco-Inspired Ball Pen

Staying with the environmentally friendly options, these custom eco-inspired ball pens are a great giveaway for lower ticket price items. Made from all-natural materials, the pens are biodegradable and are designed to help reduce unnecessary waste. This type of item is also a great conversation starter as an eco-friendly pen is not something you see every day.

Squeezies Rock Stress Reliever

The Squeezies (R) Rock Stress Reliever just might be your most popular giveaway with customers who are currently remodeling. Home improvements are a well-documented source of stress so this unique item will likely fly off the shelf—and drive customers to your booth! If you are thinking about setting up a booth at your local home show, contact Home Pro Digital and let us use our industry experience to help you get the most out of your next event.
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