Create a Mission Statement For Your Construction Company

how to create construction company mission statement
A mission statement isn’t just for white-collar corporate companies. Your construction company, no matter what the size, needs a mission statement! Defining your mission is important because it tells your customers who you are and what your business stands for. It tells your customers the direction you are heading and what type of values you have. It can be a few sentences long or a few paragraphs depending on how much you want to incorporate. It can also distinguish you from your competitors.


There are 4 key elements to a Mission Statement: the value or purpose of your business, it should be inspirational, it should be reasonable and specific.


Value of Your Business

Your Mission Statement should showcase the value of your business to two audiences: your customers and your employees. You want to make it clear why your company exists and why it’s valuable to both audiences.



It’s powerful to include an inspirational element in your Mission Statement. You want to include a message that tells people why they would want to work for your company. It can also inspire current employees to work towards a mutual goal



You want your Mission Statement to sound reasonable and achievable. You should think about both your long term goals when creating it. 



Your Mission Statement should be specific and tie back to your business. It should be easy to remember and not full of buzzwords. You want your team members to easily remember it so that they know what goals they are working towards.


Once you have written your Mission Statement it’s time to put it in action. The action starts with you and trickles down to your employees. When you demonstrate that you are following the Mission Statement they will as well.


The Mission Statement also ties in with your marketing plan. The mission statement will tell you who your ideal customer is so that all of your marketing plans revolve around that customer. Your company should always go back and look at the mission statement and make sure that any decisions made about your marketing plan align with the mission. A great mission statement will guide you to create marketing plans that trickle down from it. 


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